Final Results!

I thought I had posted them, but apparently not! So sorry. Final results below:

Entry Name Initials PopePoints ContPoints SmokePoints Total Pope14 Pope9 Pope8 Pope7 Pope6 Pope5 Pope4 Pope3 Pope2 Pope1 Continent BlackSmoke Regnal9 Regnal4 Regnal3 Regnal2 Regnal1
Opera AB 0 5 7 12 Ouellet Turkson Sandri de Aviz Ravasi Erdo Scola Tagle Schonborn Carrera South America 3 Pius Gregory Clement Paul John
Baptized As Paul VI Died PP 0 5 6 11 Scherer Sandri Eijk Schonborn Scola Erdo Tagle de Aviz Sarah Ravasi South America 2 Joseph Paul Boniface Pius Gregory
Papal Bluestorm AJG 0 5 5 10 Scherer Turkson Scola Sandri Bertone Hummes Tagle Arinze Maradiaga Ravasi South America 7 Paul Peter Pius John Clement
jdinnervi JD 4 0 6 10 Schonborn Sandri Ouellet Scola Dolan Scherer Bergoglio Pll O’Malley Erdo Europe 6 Gregory Urban Leo Julius Patricius
Banquet of Chestnuts LB 3 0 6 9 Scola Bertone Bagnasco Sandri Arinze Scherer Schonborn Bergoglio Hummes Sarah Europe 6 John Paul Paul Pius Innocent Benedict
Semper Ubi Sub Ubi CJS 4 0 5 9 Erdo Schonborn Scola Scherer Bertone Ravasi Bergoglio Sandri Piacenza Maradiaga Europe 7 John Pius Clement Joseph Leo
Brienne B BB 0 0 8 8 Sandri Scola Bagnasco Ravasi Canivares Schonborn Duka Erdo Barbarin Sandri Europe 4 Pius Clement Paul Innocent Gregory
The Bonifacials PM 0 0 8 8 Scola Schonborn Erdo Ouellet Bagnasco Duka Scherer de Aviz Turkson Dolan Europe 4 Boniface Clement Benedict Paul Pius
Doyner DDC 0 0 7 7 Bertone Scola Vallini Turkson Sandri Scherer Ouellet Erdo Maradiaga Schonborn Europe 3 John Paul Pius Celestine Clement Gregory
Pope Naga Naga ML 0 0 7 7 Ouellet Scherer Turkson Erdo Scola Bertone Arinze Dolan Hummes O’Malley Europe 3 Peter George Leo Nicholas Gregory
Papal Tigers AB 0 0 7 7 Ouellet Turkson Scherer Conrad Bain Jesse Jackson Jr H. Baines P. Robertson Scola Sandri Seacrest Australia 3 Fabian Eugene Sixtus Lucius Mercellus
Pope EppurSi Muove BA 0 0 7 7 Scola Bagnasco Bertone Llovera Sepe Piacenza Amato Erdo Ouellet Dolan Europe 3 John Paul Pius Benedict Leo Innocent
Canterpopes MC 0 0 7 7 Scola Bertone Bagnasco Ravasi Erdo Schonborn Piacenza Sandri Maradiaga Sarducci Europe 3 Peter Pius John Paul John Paul
El Popo Guesso WM 0 0 7 7 Scola Bagnasco Sandri Turkson Ravasi Ouellet Bertone Erdo Schonborn McCleskey Europe 5 John Paul Pius Gregory Paul Will
Popeing for Apples PC 0 0 7 7 Scola Turkson Dolan Ouellet Bertone Ravasi Arinze Sarah Bagnasco Carrera Europe 5 Pius Leo Alexander Gregory Paul
Pious Prius DC 0 0 6 6 Bertone Turkson Scola Ouellet Sandri Schonborn Vallini Erdo Maradiaga O’Malley Europe 2 Innocent Pius Leo Celestine Clement
Ex-Benedict SC 0 0 6 6 Sandri Scola Turkson Ouellet Bertone Bagnasco Erdo Schonborn Ravasi Tagle Europe 2 Peter Pius John Paul John Paul
Papal Hinmen AKS 0 0 6 6 Turkson Scola Bertone Scherer Erdo Ouellet Schonborn Vallini Maradiaga Arinze Africa 6 Pius Innocent Clement Urban Paul
Perpetual Outsider JR 0 0 6 6 Bagnasco Turkson Scola Ouellet Sandri Bertone Scherer Ravasi Erdo Hummes Europe 6 Urban Pius Innocent Clement Boniface
Pope in the Pizza KDE 0 0 6 6 Ouellet Scola Maradiaga Arinze Bagnasco O’Malley Sandri Tagle Turkson Ravasi Europe 2 Pius Gregory Sixtus Innocent Urban
Hairbo BM 0 0 5 5 Ravasi Scola Schonborn Scherer de Aviz Tagle Maradiaga Turkson Dolan Burke Europe 7 Stephen Clement Urban Nicholas Felix
Biggus Pickus Pontificus DK 0 0 5 5 Scola Turkson Ouellet Bertone Schonborn Erdo Ranjith Thome Rai George Europe 1 Clement Alexander Pius Gregory Peter
Nobody’s Innocent XIV NL 0 0 5 5 Scola Bagnasco Turkson Ouellet Erdo Scherer Duka Ravasi Llovera Konig Europe 7 John Paul Clement Pius Gregory Leo
Monsignor Stilly JS 0 0 -1 -1 Erdo Scola Sandri Maradiaga Tagle Eijk Ouellet Ravasi Don Piacenza Europe 13 John Paul John Pius Boniface Peter

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