Welcome Pope Francis!

Cardinal Bergoglio is the new Pope!


12 thoughts on “Welcome Pope Francis!

  1. steve canter

    Well, the RotoPope participants clearly were not well clued in. Only 3 of us had Bergoglio on the list at all, and none had him in the top 5. Only 3 of us picked South America. None of us had Francis on the list. We must do better next time.

    1. rotopope Post author

      I have Opera. I’ll re-verify tonight. We were all clearly surprised. Only three of us had Bergoglio on our list; three others had South America. The voting rounds settle it from there.

      1. rotopope Post author

        I’ve got you (bluestorm), Paul VI, and Opera with five points for continent.

        I’ve got jdinnervi and me(semper ubi) with four for Bergoglio, and chestnuts with three.

        No one got Francis points.

        There were four rounds that did not produce a Pope, so the following people get points added to the above (formula is 8 minus difference between each prediction and the actual (4)):

        Bluestorm: 5, for a total of 10
        Paul VI: 6, for a total of 11
        JDinnervi: 6, for a total of 10
        Opera: 7, for a total of 12
        Chestnuts: 6, for a total of 9
        Semper: 5, for a total of 9

        The two people who got the rounds exactly right (Brienne and Bonifacials) are next at 8.

        I’ll validate tonight since I’m doing this on my iPhone in a meeting. But that’s what I get.

  2. jdinnervi

    I blew this one… As my friends can tell you, I’ve had an ‘South American of Italian descent’ scenario in my mind for over a month and originally saw Bergoglio as right behind Sandri in that scenario, but then thought myself into a corner and imagined that if that scenario were to happen that it would most likely go to Sandri, so I dropped Bergoglio down. I saw Schonborn as #1 on the logic that they’d be more issue oriented and want a theological successor of Benedict who could deal with certain scandals more effectively… But after that I figured the odds went up for the scenario we may or may not have seen (though B was supposedly a runner up in 2005). It was dumb of me to discount B so quickly. After that I screwed up again: I thought of Francis as a fifth name (the ‘fun’ name slot), but then dropped it for a Latin variant of Patrick as a fun scenario in which O’Malley or Dolan won. My voting round number was based on trying to figure out how long it would take two blocs to go to a compromise candidate if an issue-oriented one didn’t emerge right away.

  3. jdinnervi

    PS: But congratulations to Opera. In retrospect I realize how bad I seems to go over the reasoning behind a ballot on the day the Pope is elected… Its certainly not what Francis of Assisi would have done… But I’m genuinely interested in the logic behind everyone’s choices and just wanted to state my own.
    That being said… I think Pope Francis seemed humble and friendly yesterday.

    1. bubbly

      Dont worry JD! Because you had Bergoglio (20 did not) highest on your list, you are the winner in our hearts.


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