Corrected Information!

One lost entry has been added, and one incomplete entry completed. Both had been E-mailed prior to the deadline but missed by some of the staff: as you can imagine it is busy around Fantasy Pope HQ these days. This should be final! Conclave starts soon! 

Entry Name Initials MobPool? Pope14 Pope9 Pope8 Pope7 Pope6 Pope5 Pope4 Pope3 Pope2 Pope1 Continent BlackSmoke Regnal9 Regnal4 Regnal3 Regnal2 Regnal1
Pious Prius DC No Bertone Turkson Scola Ouellet Sandri Schonborn Vallini Erdo Maradiaga O’Malley Europe 2 Innocent Pius Leo Celestine Clement
Papal Bluestorm AJG No Scherer Turkson Scola Sandri Bertone Hummes Tagle Arinze Maradiaga Ravasi South America 7 Paul Peter Pius John Clement
Doyner DDC No Bertone Scola Vallini Turkson Sandri Scherer Ouellet Erdo Maradiaga Schonborn Europe 3 John Paul Pius Celestine Clement Gregory
Monsignor Stilly JS Yes Erdo Scola Sandri Maradiaga Tagle Eijk Ouellet Ravasi Don Piacenza Europe 13 John Paul John Pius Boniface Peter
Brienne B BB No Sandri Scola Bagnasco Ravasi Canivares Schonborn Duka Erdo Barbarin Sandri Europe 4 Pius Clement Paul Innocent Gregory
Ex-Benedict SC No Sandri Scola Turkson Ouellet Bertone Bagnasco Erdo Schonborn Ravasi Tagle Europe 2 Peter Pius John Paul John Paul
Papal Hinmen AKS Yes Turkson Scola Bertone Scherer Erdo Ouellet Schonborn Vallini Maradiaga Arinze Africa 6 Pius Innocent Clement Urban Paul
The Bonifacials PM No Scola Schonborn Erdo Ouellet Bagnasco Duka Scherer de Aviz Turkson Dolan Europe 4 Boniface Clement Benedict Paul Pius
Hairbo BM No Ravasi Scola Schonborn Scherer de Aviz Tagle Maradiaga Turkson Dolan Burke Europe 7 Stephen Clement Urban Nicholas Felix
Pope Naga Naga ML Yes Ouellet Scherer Turkson Erdo Scola Bertone Arinze Dolan Hummes O’Malley Europe 3 Peter George Leo Nicholas Gregory
Perpetual Outsider JR No Bagnasco Turkson Scola Ouellet Sandri Bertone Scherer Ravasi Erdo Hummes Europe 6 Urban Pius Innocent Clement Boniface
Papal Tigers AB No Ouellet Turkson Scherer Conrad Bain Jesse Jackson Jr H. Baines P. Robertson Scola Sandri Seacrest Australia 3 Fabian Eugene Sixtus Lucius Mercellus
Baptized As Paul VI Died PP Yes Scherer Sandri Eijk Schonborn Scola Erdo Tagle de Aviz Sarah Ravasi South America 2 Joseph Paul Boniface Pius Gregory
Pope EppurSi Muove BA No Scola Bagnasco Bertone Llovera Sepe Piacenza Amato Erdo Ouellet Dolan Europe 3 John Paul Pius Benedict Leo Innocent
jdinnervi JD No Schonborn Sandri Ouellet Scola Dolan Scherer Bergoglio Pll O’Malley Erdo Europe 6 Gregory Urban Leo Julius Patricius
Biggus Pickus Pontificus DK Yes Scola Turkson Ouellet Bertone Schonborn Erdo Ranjith Thome Rai George Europe 1 Clement Alexander Pius Gregory Peter
Nobody’s Innocent XIV NL No Scola Bagnasco Turkson Ouellet Erdo Scherer Duka Ravasi Llovera Konig Europe 7 John Paul Clement Pius Gregory Leo
Canterpopes MC Yes Scola Bertone Bagnasco Ravasi Erdo Schonborn Piacenza Sandri Maradiaga Sarducci Europe 3 Peter Pius John Paul John Paul
El Popo Guesso WM Yes Scola Bagnasco Sandri Turkson Ravasi Ouellet Bertone Erdo Schonborn McCleskey Europe 5 John Paul Pius Gregory Paul Will
Pope in the Pizza KDE No Ouellet Scola Maradiaga Arinze Bagnasco O’Malley Sandri Tagle Turkson Ravasi Europe 2 Pius Gregory Sixtus Innocent Urban
Opera AB Yes Ouellet Turkson Sandri de Aviz Ravasi Erdo Scola Tagle Schonborn Carrera South America 3 Pius Gregory Clement Paul John
Banquet of Chestnuts LB Yes Scola Bertone Bagnasco Sandri Arinze Scherer Schonborn Bergoglio Hummes Sarah Europe 6 John Paul Paul Pius Innocent Benedict
Semper Ubi Sub Ubi CJS Yes Erdo Schonborn Scola Scherer Bertone Ravasi Bergoglio Sandri Piacenza Maradiaga Europe 7 John Pius Clement Joseph Leo
Popeing for Apples PC Yes Scola Turkson Dolan Ouellet Bertone Ravasi Arinze Sarah Bagnasco Carrera Europe 5 Pius Leo Alexander Gregory Paul

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