Reminder: Submit entries by E-mail to rotopope@gmail.com to be included!

Our friends at fark.com have greenlit us as interesting. In light of the new attention, the Popemaster General convened an emergency meeting of the rotopope Curia, where it was unanimously agreed the deadline should be extended. To give our Fark friends time, the deadline is hereby extended to 8am Rome time on March 6. That’s midnight Mountain Time in the US, 1 am central, 2 am eastern, and 11pm (on march 5) Pacific.

The Popemaster General, in an audience granted to the undersigned Cardinal President of the Rotopontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei on 1 March 2013, approved this present instruction and ordered its publication.


5 thoughts on “Farked!

  1. Brienne

    This isn’t fair to those of us who have a genuine interest in the Papal Conclave and found out about this contest beforehand through our own initiative, and scurried to get our entries in before the deadline. You should have a seperate contest for the latecomers.

  2. bubbly

    I am certain their holinesses will allow those who have sent in entries before the extended deadline dispensation to send in new picks. Or they better. No one wants a schism.
    It doesn’t seem like much to ask for as long as you MAKE CLEAR you sent a previous entry (team name, etc)tc) and are now changing it!
    Not changing mine! I suggest you have faith in your original choices!

  3. rotopope Post author

    Brienne, the Curia admires your dedication: this decision was not easy, but surely you agree as a conclave enthusiast that sharing the joy of Fantasy Pope trumps everything else. Bubbly, we agree absolutely: anyone who diligently met the deadline may certainly adjust entries up until the deadline without fear of excommunication, interdict, or other sanction.

    1. Brienne

      You are right, sharing the joy of Fantasy Conclave is the Christian thing to do, even if it means having more competiton. And thank you for letting us change our ballots up till the new deadline, even though I did not need to take advantage of your generosity. Look forward to seeing all the entries!


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